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Whether you want to protect your business, your home or your family we have a CCTV security solution for you. Whether you would like a simple HD camera system for your home or a complete security setup for your premises, we can help you protect your business or your property.

Check out the video to see an active deterrent camera on a commercial property in action.

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CCTV Security FAQ’s
Here are some frequently asked questions regarding CCTV security systems.

Is a CCTV System on my Property Really Required?

We think installing a CCTV system—one of the best criminal deterrents on the market—is a wise investment. Even if a crime does occur, having video of the incident is advantageous to you. This could be used as proof if someone has to be charged.

These systems also serve other useful purposes, like as providing live video feed so you can keep an eye on the security of your children, elderly loved ones, or pets. When you are unable to be at home, these elements act as your eyes.

Do I Need a CCTV System for My Business?

For businesses, any technology that can prevent illegal conduct is valuable. However, a CCTV system offers much more benefits than only preventing outside theft. By eliminating the need for security patrols, you may increase product control, reduce costs, and stop staff theft. In the event of an injury, you also have evidence of the injury occuring.

Which CCTV system is best for my home: wired or wireless?

Although wireless CCTV systems are frequently well-liked by the general public due to their simplicity of installation, they are prone to losing connection to the Wi-Fi network. These systems require constant battery replacement or the assurance that each camera has a functional power supply, which makes maintenance challenging.

Wired CCTV systems work better in many ways, thus we prefer to instal them to avoid these issues. You gain from maximum dependability.

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